Rough Draft is: Gerry Cote - Guitar/Vocals,  Eddy K - Bass/Vocals,
Dave Kohn - Drums/Vocals.

Rough Draft is unique blend of 3 distinctly different individuals who collectively bring you authentic classic rock music second to none. 

Gerry Cote on Guitar, is all about late 60's to early 70's Classic Rock. He can't get enough of Les Paul guitars and Marshall amps. Playing all his life, age has not slowed him down one bit! 

Eddy K on Bass, has studied privately and at Musician Institute in California. He has played rock, jazz, country blues and original hybrids in trios to orchestras. 

Dave Kohn on drums, brings a diverse experience with influences such as John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Bill Bruford and Phil Collins. Dave always says, "There is a special drum part for each song; I just have to find it". He always does!

All three guys share the vocals each having their own voice. We all grew up in the 60's and 70's and present a nice array of originals and classic rock standards. These guys bring “Classic Rock To  Move Your Soul”, both on stage and recordings. Stand back and watch the Runaway Freight Train come and get you!


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Gerry’s Story 

   I grew up listening to Cream, Hendrix, Trower, Jeff Beck, Humble Pie, The Who, Free, Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. In the 80’s and 90’s I was really into Christian Rock Bands, everything from Phil Keaggy to the Resurrection Band and in between. My most favorite current artists are Gov’t Mule, Joe Bonamassa and the Glenn Kaiser Band. Of course, I still listen to all of the above and more. I also love electric blues. 

   As you might have guessed, if it has Les Pauls and Marshall Stacks, I like it! I never really played much guitar when I was younger, I always had a job and seemed to be working. I started seriously playing guitar and writing songs in 1977, after moving to LA from New Hampshire.  After a little stint (more like an attempt) at acting in Los Angeles, I met this girl named Mary Jean Andersen and we got married in 1982. In 1985 we moved to the Chicago Suburbs and started our family and a small Real Estate Appraisal Business. 

   Now that all of our 4 kids are grown and married with numerous grandchildren, I work less and play music more!! Hence - ROUGH DRAFT. After God and Family, I live for Rough Draft. (PS Gibson and Marshall do not endorse me, but they should!)

Eddy K’s Story 

    I have been playing 5/6 of my life. I believe Leo Fender was an alien. How else can you explain his vision.  I've studied privately and at MIT in CA. Played rock, jazz, country blues and original hybrids in trios to orchestras. Getting variety of tones timbre to fit the music is my way of having a good time. A variety of strings ,amps, instruments and technique are what you will hear with RDR. I like to make things vibrate. GREAT FUN! Influences- McCartney, Kaye, Fielder, Entwhistle, Squire, Rocco, A. Johnson, P. Jackson, Jaco, Clarke, Miller, Wooten and etc etc etc long as they groove! We have a lot of FUN in RDR making this music. Enjoy! (I also like Hamburgers)

Dave’s Story 

    Dave Kohn on Drums brings a diverse drumming experience with influences of John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Bill Bruford, Tony Williams, and Phil Collins. He is capable of combining technical prowess and sensitive musicality with an intense enthusiasm to create the quality of performance for which he has become so well known. Dave always says, “There is a special drum part for each song; I just have to find it”. And Dave always does!