These guys bring Classic Rock To Move Your Soul, both on stage and recordings.” - A Fan

Rough Draft Rocks is a unique blend of 3 distinctly different individuals who collectively bring you authentic Classic Rock music second to none (sometimes with a touch of humor!).  They all grew up in the 60's and 70's and present a nice array of originals and classic rock standards. These guys bring “Classic Rock To Move Your Soul," both on stage and recordings. Rough Draft Rocks is currently playing venues in the Chicago market and just released their second album!

Gerry Cote - Guitar - is all about late 60's to early 70's Classic Rock. He can't get enough of Les Paul guitars and Marshall amps. Playing all his life, age has not slowed him down one bit! Someone recently said, “His guitar playing sounds like himself”. His style is Classic Rock meets Electric Blues; you always know it’s him. Gibson and Marshall don't endorse Gerry, but they should!

Eddy K - Bass - has studied privately and at the Musician Institute in California. He plays rock, jazz, country, blues, and original hybrids in trios to orchestras. No two songs are alike with Ed. He is a massively creative bass player who always finds a unique way to play each song. A fan stated that “Ed brings the muscle to the band!” 

Dave Kohn - Drums - brings a diverse drumming experience with influences of John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Bill Bruford, Tony Williams, and Phil Collins. He is capable of combining technical prowess and sensitive musicality with an intense enthusiasm to create the quality of performance for which he has become so well known. Dave always says, “There is a special drum part for each song; I just have to find it”.  And Dave always does!

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